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telekom Logo
»Your keynote speech on our leadership event was thrilling: your content, your calm...very impressive!«
Cornelia Busch
Deutsche Telekom
»Philip Keil was the highlight of our Sales Kick-off! You could have heard a pin drop - that's how magnetized our Sales leaders were. Simply perfect!«
Thomas A. Fornol
»The audience was thrilled by your motivational keynote speech. Your experiences and your impulses fascinated the attendees.«
Rafael Bittel
Swisscom AG
Logo Richemont
»You had 100% of the attention in the hall from the very first second. Your keynote speech was still being talked about in our offices weeks later. Thanks a lot for this!«
Martin Staudigl
HR Director Richemont
Logo Daimler AG
»Philip Keil is right on the dot when it comes to the challenges, the business representatives have to face nowadays. He enriched our event tremendously!«
Jochen Forstner
Daimler AG
Logo General Electric
»Excellent speaker! Both, his exciting experiences and his highly effective pilot strategies made his speech to an outstanding event for our company!«
Prof. Dr. Oliver Mayer
General Electric
Logo BVMW Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft
»Thank you very much for your speech – extremely exciting! I have actually integrated your strategies into my workplace.«
Achim von Michel
Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft
»1.200 participants from all over the world were inspired and truly thrilled by your keynote speech about error culture.«
Florian Martini
Siemens AG
Edeka Logo
»There was so much value about change, culture of error and the role of a leader in agile teams ... A top speaker!«
Jürgen Thoma
Leitung Vertrieb Edeka

»As expert for change-management and leadership Philip Keil made a name for himself in Germany.«

Logo econo Wirtschaftsmagazin

»A business mastermind who gets to the point.«

Philip Keil – founders Magazin

»Germany’s leading expert for positive error culture.«

Philip Keil – Erfolg-Magazin

»Germany’s most famous pilot.«

Philip Keil – Handelsblatt

»As top-speaker he inspired tens of thousands of people all across Europe.«