Reaching goals
means reaching people."



Whether in the cockpit or on stage, Philip Keil gets to the point. And he knows, what he is talking about: he provides his audience with thrilling and authentic insights, of what leadership, teamwork und change-management means in his world above the clouds.

His inspiring life story and his background as commercial pilot make Philip Keil to one of the most extraordinary keynote speakers in Germany. He has been awarded several times for his motivating keynote speeches, like his nomination in 2019 and 2020 for the Red Fox Award as speaker of the year.

Speaker Profile

Philip Keil Speaker Profile


The team makes the differences!

Get excited about a change of perspective on the classic management topics communication, leadership and teamwork. In these fields aviation sets new, unconventional standards. Beyond rigid hierarchies, Crews nowadays must be flexible and well-organized, in order to learn from each other. Especially when it comes to managing errors and emergencies.

  • Why teams fail and the tools every „captain“ should know about 
  • Maximum thrust for shared success: how to live positive error culture
  • If you cannot take the next exit: human factor to replace the mental autopilot

Topics: Teamwork, Leadership, Error culture

»Germany’s most famous pilot.«

»Philip Keil fascinates his audience with valuable expert knowledge.«

»A business mastermind who gets to the point.«

»One of the best-demanded public speakers in the german speaking territory.«

»Germany’s leading expert for positive error culture.«

»As top-speaker he inspired tens of thousands of people all across Europe.«

»One who knows how to meet challenges.«

»As expert for change-management and leadership Philip Keil made a name for himself in Germany.«

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Responsibility is a decision. Your decision!

In this motivating keynote Philip Keil describes his emotional experiences in terms of responsibility and confidence: „Only when you control the steering wheel, you can give your life an own direction.“ He takes his „passengers“ along a stunning journey through his life and encourages his audience, to fight for their goals in life.

  • Personal responsibility as success factor: impulses for the corporate culture 4.0
  • Confidence is the fuel for success: mental strength in turbulent times
  • How the most important button in the cockpit will change your heading in life

Topics: Motivation, Responsibility, Confidence

Since years awarded as international
TOP100 Excellent Speaker

Nominated for the Red Fox Award as
Keynote Speaker of the year 2019 & 2020

Gives speeches at Germany’s leading business events with more than 60.000 participants

Decision Points

New goals require a precise compass

What are the Decision Points in life? As pilot Philip Keil is trained on dealing with unexpected challenges and transferes this unique knowhow to our changing society. Creativity and innovation require the use of our maybe most valuable resource: intuition, our „inner compass“.

  • Reaching goals means reaching people: Lead, do not delegate
  • Mastering change: real growth occurs outside the comfort zone
  • Inner compass: huge decisions exceed rational considerations by far

Topics: Decision-making, Success, Change


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»Our executives have rated your talk as top class. Only the popcorn was missing.«

René Behr

HR Director IWC

»Thank you very much for your speech – extremely exciting! I have actually integrated your strategies into my workplace.«

Achim von Michel

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft

»Excellent speaker! Both, his exciting experiences and his highly effective pilot strategies made his speech to an outstanding event for our company!«

Prof. Dr. Mayer

General Electric

»You had 100% of the attention in the hall from the very first second. Your keynote speech was still being talked about in our offices weeks later. Thanks a lot for this!«

Martin Staudigl

HR Director Richemont

»Your analogy Aviation – Business was a real eye opener. Your 60-minute-keynote spun away, that’s how electrifying and colorful it was!«

Dr. Rainer Eberlein

Imperial Tobacco

»Mr. Keil inspired the audience immediately. Due to the combination of valuable content and his entertaining presentation, each guest took away practical ideas for its business.«

Wilhelm Sturm

CEO Sturm Gruppe

»There was so much value about change, culture of error and the role of a leader in agile teams ... A top speaker!«

Jürgen Thoma

Leitung Vertrieb Edeka

»Philip Keil was the highlight of our Sales Kick-off! You could have heard a pin drop - that's how magnetized our Sales leaders were. Simply perfect!«

Thomas A. Fornol

Swiss Life AG

»Strong in image, emotional, gets under the skin. A real added value for work and private life. And a motivation boost for the challenges of tomorrow!«

Eva Leitner

T-Mobile Austria GmbH

»Philip Keil is right on the dot when it comes to the challenges, the business representatives have to face nowadays. He enriched our event tremendously!«

Dr. Jochen Forstner

Daimler AG

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