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Reaching goals
means reaching people."

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Philip Keil combines captivating storytelling and clear key messages for deciders and teams. He does not impart know-how, but do-how. Because: “In the cockpit, it’s not your knowledge that counts, but your action!” His exciting change of perspectives encourage to rethink topics such as management culture, teamwork and error management.

For his motivating talks and keynote speeches Philip Keil received several international awards times, lastly in 2019 and 2020 with his nomination for the Red Fox Award as Speaker of the year.



The team makes the differences!

Flying is all about teamwork. But what is the secret of agile teams? Their variety. Beyond rigid hierarchies, different roles, perspectives and experiences enable to learn from each other quickly and to act as a community. In these fields aviation sets new, unconventional standards. Philip Keil opens the cockpit door and allows extraordinary insights in a team culture of trust and own initiative. This multiple awarded keynote speech rethinks leadership – exciting and including concrete practical tools. 

  • Why teams fail and the tools every „captain“ should know about 
  • If you cannot take the next exit: human factor to replace the mental autopilot
  • Vote of confidence: Count on clear roles, not on rigid hierarchies

Topics: teamwork, leadership, confidence


»As expert for change-management and leadership Philip Keil made a name for himself in Germany.«

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»A business mastermind who gets to the point.«

Philip Keil – founders Magazin

»Germany’s leading expert for positive error culture.«

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»Germany’s most famous pilot.«

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»As top-speaker he inspired tens of thousands of people all across Europe.«


Confident decision-making in turbulent times

Neither in the cockpit nor in life everything runs according our plans. No matter how good the plan is. What a makes a leader on the ground as up in the air, is his/her handling of sudden changes. A crisis sharpens our view of what leadership essentially is: making courageous decisions, straight-forward crisis communication and target-related error culture. Philip Keil speaks about the “decision point” of his life and transfers strategies of professional pilots on change processes in the economy and in our society. His credo: A crisis shows us our weaknesses. But it reminds us on our strengths, as well. Both aspects arise valuable chances.

  • Reaching goals means reaching people: leading in a crisis 
  • Heading change in your head: how to master change and make decisions
  • Learning from crisis means learning from mistakes: how to live positive error culture

Topics: error culture, crisis management, change

Top 100 SPEADERS EXCELLENCE 2020 – Philip Keil

Since years awarded as international TOP100 Excellent Speaker

RED FOX AWARD 2019 und 2020 – Philip Keil

Nominated for the Red Fox Award as Keynote Speaker of the year 2019 & 2020

Sprecherhaus – Philip keil

Gives speeches at Germany’s leading business events with more than 60.000 participants


New goals require a precise compass

Every change in life begins with a single picture in our mind. A vision. What meaning has our “inner compass” and what keeps us often times from following it? Get excited about a motivational keynote in the area of conflict of ratio and intuition, control and confidence, routines and change. The „business-mastermind“ (econo magazine) abets to leave comfort zones and to change perspectives.

  • Personal responsibility as success factor: which impulses let us get into action
  • Confidence is the fuel for success: change requires a focus
  • Inner compass: about the power of intuition and the courage to follow it

Topics: motivation, success, innovation


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»Your keynote speech on our leadership event was thrilling: your content, your calm...very impressive!«
Cornelia Busch
Deutsche Telekom
»Philip Keil was the highlight of our Sales Kick-off! You could have heard a pin drop - that's how magnetized our Sales leaders were. Simply perfect!«
Thomas A. Fornol
»The audience was thrilled by your motivational keynote speech. Your experiences and your impulses fascinated the attendees.«
Rafael Bittel
Swisscom AG
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»You had 100% of the attention in the hall from the very first second. Your keynote speech was still being talked about in our offices weeks later. Thanks a lot for this!«
Martin Staudigl
HR Director Richemont
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»Philip Keil is right on the dot when it comes to the challenges, the business representatives have to face nowadays. He enriched our event tremendously!«
Jochen Forstner
Daimler AG
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»Excellent speaker! Both, his exciting experiences and his highly effective pilot strategies made his speech to an outstanding event for our company!«
Prof. Dr. Oliver Mayer
General Electric
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»Thank you very much for your speech – extremely exciting! I have actually integrated your strategies into my workplace.«
Achim von Michel
Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft
»1.200 participants from all over the world were inspired and truly thrilled by your keynote speech about error culture.«
Florian Martini
Siemens AG
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»There was so much value about change, culture of error and the role of a leader in agile teams ... A top speaker!«
Jürgen Thoma
Leitung Vertrieb Edeka